Our team of interior designers works with clients from concept to implementation.  Whether your project is immediate or evolving, we will dazzle you with options for color, lighting, texture, and atmosphere.

Style to Complement Your Life


River Interior Design specializes in multi-purpose, high-traffic, livable, comfortable interiors. We balance first impressions with practicality and affordability, designing environments that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.  

Concepts for Office or Business


We can warm you up or cool you down with color and specialty lighting.  We can transition from outdoors to indoors with the organic, natural textures of native or exotic stone and hand-picked hardwoods.  If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!

Tropical Leaves Pillow
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Green and Yellow Floral Print
Paint Pots and Color Wheel
Victorian living room
RBH loft
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Victorian Jed hall

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